Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ze Updated Website and the Ghost of Upton Sinclair

First off, I have to thank Sharell who did a terrific job at updating my website, making it simpler and better all at once.  Enjoy.

Secondly, I was interviewed by a rather cool, intelligent, and overall interesting person named Robert St. Mary for his on-line review called "The Projection Booth."  He asked me how Upton Sinclair's novel Oil related to P.T. Anderson's well-received movie, There Will Be Blood.  It was a good interview and well-done.  I also realized that Mr. St. Mary has an extensive expertise in the history of Detroit punk rock and fanzine publication.  He gave me a whole lot of background information and help in understanding Detroit punk rock.  Much appreciated.  Here's the show that emerged from all this:

The Projection Booth

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