Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summer's Kiss is over, baby, over...

So summer's over.  The Pacific Crest Trail -- replete with snow, 3,000 foot gains and losses in elevation, and incredible beauty -- is now completed.  Behind us.  We did Oregon to Washington.  Though my wife has not completed this, here's our blog on the trip, for those who wish:


We'll try to add more later.

While away, Andrew Hartman at the very fun and fine US Intellectual History Site posted a commentary on my work.  It deserved a response, but what's a poor boy to do when he's got limited access to computers?  Wait til he's back in civilization.  So here's my response, although late:

Response to Hartman

I'd also like to celebrate the publication of a friend's book.  George Cotkin has just published Dive Deeper, a wonderful exegesis on Moby Dick and its many receptions.  Well worth checking out:

Dive Deeper

More later.  Right now I'm still sad summer's over.

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