Tuesday, April 24, 2012


No better testimony to the fact that I'm not a blogger: The last post here was a whole year ago.  But don't take that to mean I wasn't busy.  First and foremost, the book Eric Alterman and I wrote is now finally out.  You can check it out here:


There will be, in the sometime near future, another book that concerns a vice presidential candidate and a puppy dog.  I shall be updating that as the time approaches.

For those interested in following the family's escapades in the American wilderness, you can stay in touch with my wife's blog:


Finally, I should state this: I will be taking a break from writing in the near future (a few reviews here and there).  I have now been teaching at Ohio University for eleven -- yowza! -- years.  The university has made a big move from the quarter to the semester system.  That requires redesigning our courses.  It's a good time to do so.  I'll be taking the next year or so to rethink my teaching and to design one whole new course on the history of popular culture.  To the classrooms, comrade!!!

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