Thursday, January 14, 2010


A longer essay in which I describe my experience of reading Going Rogue by the lady who's now at Fox and who knows absolutely nothing about everything... Palinology in Mattson form.

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Matt Bokovoy said...

Hi Kevin,

I had the rare opportunity to read this very lucrative commercial vehicle, for free, at someone's house. I would be bummed to be an historian or fiction writer on the HarperCollins list, sharing the imprint with the former governor while working for the stockholders' 10-15% net annual return. You probably don't "hate" her so much as you, like many others, are flummoxed by her popularity.

With every opportunity to learn the issues and the privilege of obtaining a public library card, Palin has not said anything intelligent yet. I feel sorry for her self-impoverishment and lack of motivation for self-improvement. Given that fact, her life story really is not that inspirational for anyone else.

It's now time for you to write that piece about how the 2012 election will mirror the 1912 election, with Palin taking a portion of the Republican Party into something akin to an "American conservative party," or maybe the "culture war party." The conservative vote will not have enough to carry the electoral college at all.

I've enjoyed all the good, recent reviews!