Friday, July 24, 2009

C-Span Book TV

A book talk I gave at Busboys and Poets (Washington, D.C.) will be on C-Span Book TV, July 25th at 9pm and July 26th at 10am. Carter's publicist, Jerry Rafshoon, happens to be there and asks good questions...

You can also google me and "On the Media" and get my last weekend interview there. You can also download Bob Edwards's interview as well.

Just out of a week long backpack trip in Montana and now onto a river trip.


Tom said...

Just saw your C-Span presentation and got a lot more perspective on that time. It was such a momentous turning point in my own life, that I tend to discount it as personal bias. I was in my mid twenties and had landed a job with what became the largest solar manufacturer in the southwest in Tempe, AZ by 1981. When Reagan dismantled support for alternative energy, I saw the inevitable dark future of today's oil wars.
The saddest part was finding out that the top management had voted for him to get "gubmint" off our back so we could compete with fossil fuels head to head. They actually expected him to cut their subsidies too! I had to quit in 1982 and within a couple of years, they were reduced to only servicing the existing units with a handful of people. We received letters from dozens of countries asking us to build a plant for them after doing a radio ad on VOA. Coca-cola wanted us to build a solar bottle washing plant in Rio.
A lot of progress had already been made. We had become a direct threat to the utilities, since an entire nuclear reactor under construction could be canceled if only half of the homes in Phoenix would install solar water heaters.
You can also date the decline in science education to Reagan abandoning the conversion to the metric system.
If I can be of any help, you can contact me at:
Thanks for all your hard work. I look forward to reading the book.

ellen said...

Hi Kevin,
I'm yr former neighbor in NJ. I turned on Booktv this morning and there you were.

I didn't know you had written so many books. Congradulations.

I'm going to check out Rebels All. I am fascinated by right-wing nuts, perhaps yr book will offer some illumination.

Glad to see you are still an out-of-doors person.