Tuesday, February 17, 2009


For those who missed it, here's a video file of my C-Span appearance:


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Anonymous said...

I really liked your talk. I am on the right. You could call me a young iconoclast conservative. I see myself as a rebel, clashing against the square old rickety liberal establishment. I am filled with all sorts of righteous indignation, enough to fill up one of those big rinky boats that sneak Haitians into Miami. I watch FOX news and can throw a football.

I've never been to a university, but I am well versed in a lot of things you discussed. I've read Kirk, Buckley, Strauss, but some of the other thinkers you mentioned I've never had the chance to sample.

I'm not a postmodern through. I have been criticizing the influence of postmodernism and multiculturalism on society since I read Greg Koukl's book. I don't know if you're familiar with Greg Koukle.


When I see some right winger claiming to be even more tolerant then some liberal straw man, it makes my fists clench and my belly rumble with contempt. You're right, the right is trying to out-liberal the liberals. They want to be Che Guevara. They have adopted the postmodern multicultural Frankford School storyline. Liberals and conservatives are both eager to show off how many black friends they have, and how much they aren't racist.

If you're really interested in different depths of view and paradoxes that make up the modern conservative intellectual movement, I would suggest this lecture.


Well, sorry to SPAM you with links. I just wanted to share with you. I really enjoyed your C-SPAN talk, it was brilliant.I guess I am just some young 23 year old interested in intellectual history interested in some dialogue with you.

What do you think about Walter Lippman criticism of liberty? Perhaps a criticism of liberty itself is TRUE conservatism!

- Philip Hudson